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Web Style Guide, 2nd Edition.

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Web Teaching Guide

Buy Web Teaching Guide on-line at Amazon

November 7, 2002
Please note that we have a new, improved edition of Web Style Guide at www.webstyleguide.com. Beginning January 1, 2003 we will be redirecting visitors from this first edition site (info.med.yale.edu/caim/manual/) to the new site (www.webstyleguide.com). The first edition will continue to be available at this new location.

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Web Style Guide: Basic Design Principles for Creating Web Sites.


Purpose of the site
Design strategies
Interface Design

Basic interface design for the Web
Information access issues
Links & navigation
Site Design

Site structure
Site elements I
Site elements II
Intranet design factors
Site Covers
Page Design

Graphic design 100
Balanced pages & menus
Design grids for pages
Graphic safe areas for Web pages
Page headers & footers
Typography I
Typography II
Basic tables
Page length
Cross platform issues
Editorial style
Advanced tables
Web Graphics

Color display primer
Graphic file formats
Interlaced GIFs
Transparent GIFs
JPEG graphics
Summary, file formats
Optimizing graphics I
Optimizing graphics II
Height & width tags
Colored backgrounds
Image maps
Web Multimedia and Animation

Design and audiovisual elements
Digital video
Digital audio
GIF animation

Literature cited
Multimedia bibliography
Graphic user interface bibliography
User interface glossary

Colophon & Tools

Copyright notice

About the Authors


2nd Edition
The second edition of Web Style Guide should be available now bookstores in the United States.

The second edition Web site will be at shortly thereafter (note that this edition Web Style Guide site will continue to be available at this Yale URL).
Accessibility resources at Web Teaching:

Article on designing accessible Web sites and the downloadable Accessible Design Guidelines

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