Web Style Guide third edition

by Patrick J. Lynch
and Sarah Horton


In addition to all those who contributed to the first two editions of Web Style Guide and whom we acknowledge in our earlier prefaces, we thank Jean Thomson Black, Laura Jones Dooley, Matthew Laird, Christina Coffin, James Johnson, and Aldo Cupo at Yale University Press for their hard work and guidance in producing this third edition. We are particularly grateful to Peter Morville for his foreword.

I extend heartfelt thanks to my friends and my colleagues at Yale University for their support over the years—I could not have done this without them: David Bolinsky, Roger Despres, Frank Gallo, Carmine Granucci, Sean Jackson, Carl Jaffe, Janet Jeddry, Chris Kielt, Jane Livingston, Philip Long, Andy Newman, Kimberly Pasko, John Paton, Noble Proctor, Stacy Ruwe, Phillip Simon, Virginia Simon, and Victor Velt. In particular, I thank Carl Jaffe for over twenty years of generous friendship and wise counsel. Much of Carl’s wisdom and insight appears on these pages. I also thank my coauthor and dear friend Sarah Horton for her enduring commitment to this enterprise, and for her efforts in making the web more accessible to everyone.

Without family, none of this would have meaning. For her unfailing love, support, and generosity of spirit, I thank the wisest woman I know, Susan Grajek. For their love, support, and no small amount of advice now that they know much of the ’Net better than I do: Devorah Lynch, Alex Wack, and Tyler Wack.


First and foremost, I thank my coauthor, Patrick Lynch. I am indebted to Pat for his unfailing support and confidence throughout my professional career. He is an amazing mentor, an inspiring artist, and the very best of friends. I would not be where I am today if I had not been taken in by Pat and the other great and talented people (especially Carl Jaffe and Phillip Simon) at the then Yale Center for Advanced Instructional Media.

Dartmouth College has also been instrumental in this endeavor by providing me with the context and encouragement to practice and refine the methods and techniques laid out in this book. I am grateful for the support and inspiration of my friends, colleagues, and mentors: Rick Adams, Malcolm Brown, Dave Bucciero, Sheila Culbert, Joe Doucet, Alan German, Karen Gocsik, Martin Grant, Tim Hozier, Brian Hughes, Ellen Kanner, Barbara Knauff, Joe Mehling, Rita Murdoch, Mike Murray, Mark O’Neil, Marie Stebbins, Ellen Waite-Franzen, and Susan Warner.

And finally, my deepest thanks to my guys: Malcolm, for always lighting the home fires, and Nico, for keeping them burning bright.